May/June Half-Term Workshops

Two fantastic new songs written this half-term holiday! Have a listen below…

The Sound Of The Waves – Tuesday 31st May.

Well done to our latest team of songwriters! This song was based on a ‘remix’ of a piece of classical music brought to us by one of the keyboard players in the group.

The harmony formed the start of the piece – and then we added lyrics, drums, a guitar riff and a super-cool bass synth! Enjoy!

Scrapbook of Life – Wednesday 1st June

A fantastic new song from today’s group! Listen out for the drums recorded live by one of the group – Mr One-Take Wonder… Well done all – you worked really well as a group to create a joint song all about journeying through life:)

By the way – if you want to look out/listen out for the band that was recording all week in Room 1, you can check out The Survival Code on YouTube🙂 Happy songwriting!

PS if you’ve got any songwriting questions – you always tweet us on Twitter or comment on Facebook.

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