Encouraging healthy KS1 singing – using your emotions!

Step 1: Choose a song that all will know e.g. Twinkle Twinkle – and sing it through together. How does this song make us feel? Write down all answers!

Step 2: You will probably receive an answer equivalent to ‘happy’ or ‘peaceful’. Draw a smiley face on the board that represents this emotion so all can see it…

Step 3: Sing the song again, really thinking about that emotion, expressing it vocally, and with our faces and bodies (actions?)

Step 4: What would happen if we chose some different emotions or feelings (ask for suggestions!) e.g. Sad, Angry, Surprised, Confused… draw these faces on the board…

Step 5: Sing the song pointing to each different face, trying to express that emotion as you sing (much hilarity ensues… a very angry twinkle twinkle for example!)

Step 6: Try singing the song moving from emotion to emotion at different/ random points in the song – you point to different faces to lead this.

Extension: try with different songs; with more complex emotions; encouraging as much physical embodiment of the emotion alongside the vocal; extend the concept beyond emotion to a narrative (e.g. how would we sing this if we were swimming in the sea/if it was bright and sunny); extend the concept of choice of how to sing something so that we can move between fast, slow, loud, soft, high, low etc. Finally – see if a child can lead Step 6!


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