Listening to Music (encouraging critical and enjoyable listening)

Here are some questions designed to get KS2 children listening critically to a style that they may not have delved into much before.


  • What’s the song about? (THEME)
  • Can you click/tap/clap along? (PULSE)
  • Which instruments can you hear? (Instrument families?) Encourage to be specific e.g. electric guitar in the introduction (TEXTURE)
  • Rate the instruments from simplest to busiest (TEXTURE)
  • How many voices can you hear? (solo, duet, backing vocals?) (TEXTURE)
  • Male or female voices? (TIMBRE)
  • How would you describe the lead voice? (e.g. soulful, airy, punchy, strong) (TIMBRE)
  • How many times do you hear the chorus? (STRUCTURE)


  • Major or minor key? (How does it make you feel?) (TONALITY)
  • How would you describe the feel? (e.g. upbeat, steady, slow) (TEMPO)
  • What is the form of the song? (STRUCTURE)
  • How does the chorus feel different from the verse? (TEXTURE, DYNAMICS etc. )

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