Shostakovich Composition Workshops

We have just completed a project in 7 Merton schools working with KS2 children to explore the music and life of composer Dmitri Shostakovich. The children learned about the political and social pressures that Shostakovich was under and how he was able to express himself and his ideas through music, despite the authoritarian Soviet regime he was living under.

The children learned about Shostakovich’s use of secret codes and hidden messages in his music and proceeded to create their own small group compositions in response.

Staff feedback:

“Thank you for providing the children with an excellent opportunity to develop their understanding of music and its place within different societies” – Andriana Samuel, Associate Headteacher at Sherwood Primary School

and from the children:

“I learned so much about music and all the patterns. I learned that you could communicate. I learned so much about the difficulties that Shostakovich went through”

“I enjoyed at the end when we got to make a song, and being in a group and playing as a team”

Year 5 pupils, Hatfeild Primary School, Merton

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