St Teresa’s Youth Project

On Friday afternoons this term we took St Teresa’s Youth Project on a journey of songwriting, recording and producing…all in 5 weeks. Each session was held after-school/college and was based at the nearby Crown Lane Studio in Morden.

Within the first few sessions, they had crafted lyrics around their own theme based on ‘tapping out’ of technology. Have a listen to one of the groups working on rhythmic setting for the lyrics of the first verse here:

The group had individual job titles in the final few sessions, from Vocal Artist and Songwriter/Rhythm Specialist to Co-Producer to Assistant Studio Engineer – check out the business cards!

Tap Out pic
Eventually (after the melody, bass-line and rhythm layers had been added) the song ‘Tap Out’ was formed. ALL parts of this song were created, performed, recorded and produced by St Teresa’s Youth Project.
Pop on some headphones and check out the finished song here:

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