Be Creative One-Day

workshop-1One day booking includes two independent 2-hour workshops and an open assembly performance. Suitable for Key Stage 2.

Create, play and record an original class song from scratch in two hours. Perfect for launching or consolidating a topic, we encourage linking song themes with current school or class topics. We’ve helped write songs on themes ranging from literacy texts such as The Highwayman, history topics including The Egyptians, and even combined geography and P.S.H.E. to write a song about metaphorical rivers of memories.

Key Workshop Content:

  • Guided composition of an original song, including: composition of lyrics through relevant literacy techniques; natural development of melody and key vocal skills through exploration of pitch and intonation; creation of rhythm through grid notation, body percussion; and opportunities for young instrumentalists.
  • Breakdown of the basic elements of groove-based music and demonstration of how they fit together.
  • Explanation of accessible digital recording-techniques using GarageBand software, culminating in the recording of an original class song.
  • Content up-to-date and in-line with the National Curriculum for music.
  • An accompanied live performance of the song in the open assembly at the end of the day. Parent, staff and school audience encouraged.
  • Song mixed and uploaded to the Be Creative website within 24-hours of the workshop.

Rivers of Memories

By the end of the session:

  • Every child will have been involved in creating, performing in and recording an original class song.
  • Most children will understand the core elements of contemporary groove-based music, including key instruments used and the components that make a popular song.
  • Some pupils will be able to use these principles to create their own songs outside of the workshop situation. See our ‘Get Involved’ page for ideas how children can further their creative skills beyond the workshop.

More workshop options: