Be Creative Residency

An in-depth exploration of popular music and immersive songwriting experience, culminating in an exclusive tour of a professional recording studio.

A Be Creative Residency involves weekly, one-hour sessions for two independent key stage 2 classes. The project can be tailored to your timetable and the residency can last between 4-8 weeks in length. Depth of exploration and musical experiences will vary according to project length.


Be Creative Residency Content:

The Be Creative Residency covers all features of the Be Creative One-Day and gives the additional opportunities to:

  • Investigate a variety of tried and tested techniques for creative lyric writing.
  • Explore the impact of song forms and structures.
  • Develop pupil leadership and peer-learning skills.
  • Respond creatively to a wide range of stimuli including live and recorded music.
  • Participate in a unique project blog throughout the entire course.
  • Take part in musical challenges and games.
  • Visit and discover the secrets of a professional recording studio.

Friends Can Turn Your Life Around

Poplar Primary School recorded ‘Friends Can Turn Your Life Around’ at the end of a 4-week Be Creative Residency.

By the end of the project:

  • Every child will have been involved in creating an original class song. All children will understand the basic elements of contemporary groove music, including key instruments and the different components that make a popular song. Every child will have the opportunity to visit a recording studio.
  • Most pupils will be able to use these principles to create their own songs outside of the workshop situation using Be Creative resources including backing tracks.
  • Some children will develop leadership skills, and demonstrate a high level of musicianship that they will be able to apply to other situations outside of the workshop context. See our ‘Get Involved’ page for ideas how children can further their creative skills beyond the project.

More workshop options: